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Pack Trips
All Expense Trip - We'll furnish everything; packer, livestock, cook, food, equipment and we'll stay with you for the entire trip. All the planning, preparation and cooking will be done by our staff. Bring only your sleeping bag and personal gear and any alcoholic beverages if desired. You may decide how far to travel, pick the campsites and your menu.

Extended Trip - Bring your own food and camping gear, plus food for your packer. The packer and the livestock will stay with you the whole time. Your campsite can be changed as often as desired. Take day rides from your campsite. This is great for people who enjoy traveling and is well worth the extra work!

Drop Trip/Spot Trip - We'll take your group by horsepack and your gear by pack animal to a desirable campsite. Your packer and livestock will then return for you on a predetermined day. This let's you enjoy a permanent camp and a daily routine of your own choosing: fishing, hiking, swimming or just relaxing.

Food Drop - Perhaps you're planning an extended stay in the back-country and would like fresh groceries brought into you. We'll arrange a time and location so we can restock your camp in the woods!

Dunnage Trip - If you prefer hiking into the Sierra Nevada back-country, but your pack gets heavier and heavier, year after year, we have a great service! We'll pack our mules with all your stuff, and meet you in a prearranged location.

Fishing Trips - The fishing on the upper Kern River is legendary. Folks come from all over the world to try their luck! The mountains jut up dramatically from the river and there is an abundance of Rainbow Trout. The Kern is remote and definetly not over fished. Chances are you won't see other fishmen during your entire stay. Plenty of big, healthy trout await you! Join us and discover the best kept secret of the Sierra Nevada. Bring your camera, friends won't believe what you caught!

Hunting Trips - Hunting seasons starts around the third Saturday of September. Our experienced guides will help you find a uniquely remote hunting spot. We experience a 60% success rate on deer.

Bear are also plentiful.

New for 2013 is the Camp Witsett Boy Scout Camp Horse and Packing Program Click Here for Details! .

Reservations are required. Email is the way to contact us in the winter. But it is best to call us for reservations during the summer season.