Trail Destinations

Big Kern Lake: Camp steps away from trophy sized Rainbow trout. This section of river is widely acclaimed for incredible fishing and quality trout. The Kern slows down significantly from further north and widens, winding slowly through the canyon for several miles. Fishable on either side and within easy hiking distance of more incredible waters up or down stream. Our camp is located 18 miles into the backcountry and takes roughly seven hours horseback to reach. You will find remote, pristine waters with few, if any, other fisherman on the river. This ride can be arduous for infrequent riders but anybody that gets to visit this location finds it well worth it. It is a two-day charge for drop/spot trips to this location.
Little Lake: This a great trip for families. Warmer water on the lake side and jumping rocks on the river side make it a favorite for children. Hike over to nearby attractions, lay on the sandy beach, float in the lake, or fish for Rainbows and Browns. It is 16 miles into the backcountry and roughly a 6-hour ride. It is a two-day charge for drop/spot trips to this location.

Kern Flats: Looking for a shorter ride but still itching to fish the Kern? Camp along an expansive meadow next to the Kern. Faster water but plenty of pockets holding nice sized Rainbows. Stunning scenery and swimming holes; it is a beautiful section of the Kern. It is roughly 4.5 hours to reach camp by horseback.
Coyote Lakes: Two 10,000 ft. alpine lakes holding a lot of Brook trout. The lakes accommodate both novice and experienced fisherman and are extremely fun to fish. Cross �On Top of the World� to reach the lakes and enjoy incredible views of the East side range along Hwy 395. Difficult, 9-hour ride in due to elevation gain; but lots of time to soak your sore muscles at 10,000 ft.

Little Kern River Drainage: Several tributaries to the Little Kern offer great deer hunting, remote and holding Mule deer/Black-tailed bucks pushed down by late season storms. We have several camps within this area allowing us to put hunters in spots that are not crowded or heavily hunted.

Custom Trip: Familiar with the Golden Trout and have somewhere specific in mind? Looking for something else other than what we�ve described above? Email Us with your inquiries. We take trips all over the Little Kern and Kern River drainage and are willing to work with you. Other great locations include: Grasshopper Flats, Funston Meadows, Forks of the Kern, Columbine Lake, and the Little Kern Bridge. Make a Reservation.