trip itinerary

Day 1: ride 4 hours to Lyon Meadow

Day 2: ride 5 hours to Coyote Lakes

Day 3-5: fish, hike, peak bag, swim, relax in camp

Day 6: ride 9 hours to return to pack station

 coyote lakes trips

trip dates

  • August 10-15

  • custom dates offered (contact us for availability)

trip overview

***we offer the option of doing the full 9 hour ride in one day, but suggest our customers, especially if you are an infrequent rider, to split it into two days, which is what this itinerary reflects***

  • 2 full days, 1 half day on trail

  • 3 full days, 1 half day in camp

  • opportunity to fish for brook trout in two 10,000 foot lakes

  • stunning views of the high sierra peaks

  • over 40 miles of scenic trail covered

  • 6 days/5 nights

  • $1800/person + fishing guide ($300/person)


  • saddle horse and equipment including saddle bags

  • pack mules

  • professional and knowledgeable packers/wranglers

  • emergency equipment, including first aid kit and satellite device

  • camp gear including: shower, toilet, tables, camp chairs

  • fly fishing guide (optional, extra expense)


  • tent

  • sleeping bag

  • sleeping pad

  • brimmed hat

  • bandana

  • lightweight gloves

  • riding/hiking boots

  • warm layers for early or late season trips

  • sunglasses

  • reusable water bottle

  • rain jacket

  • fishing gear/hard case for fishing rods

  • duffle bags

  • headlamp

  • binoculars

  • personal toiletries

  • wash cloth and small pack towel

  • guide gratuity (industry recommendation is 10-20%)

Gear should not exceed 50 pounds per person and should be packed in 1-2 duffel bags (if two, please make them similar size and weights). You may carry a small day pack with you on the horse that should not exceed 15 pounds (for your comfort and your horses).


GTWP does not provide alcohol but will happily pack as much in as you would like.



We pack in from the Lewis Camp Trailhead. Luckily, the pack station is located one mile down the road from the trailhead parking lot. We ask that guests come up the night before their pack trip and lodge with us because we get started early the next morning. We provide lodge meals and accommodations for an extra cost. Alternatively, guests can come up to the pack station the morning of, but we ask guests to be here by 5:30 AM, so we can sort and pack your gear and get you on the trail by 7-8 AM.


  • We have a 1:5 ratio; 1 wrangler/guide to five animals, with a maximum of 4 guests (specific to this trip) and 3 guides

  • Kids must be 6 or older to join a pack trip. Some exceptions available (porter or stock assist) with final approval from GTWP

  • Guests must not weigh more than 250 pounds and must not have any serious physical or medical health issues prior to trip that could affect safety. Guests weighing more than 250 pounds can be accommodated on a case by case basis and depending on availability of riding mules


Email us (, or press the button below and fill out the form to start the conversation.