All expense trip

We'll furnish everything; packer, livestock, equipment and we'll stay with you for the entire trip. Bring only your sleeping bag and personal gear. You may decide how far to travel and customize your trip to your desire. 

Drop trip/ SPot trip

We will take your group by horseback and your gear by pack animal to a desirable campsite. Your packer and livestock will then return for you on a predetermined day.

Extended trip

Bring your own food and camping gear plus food for your packer. The packer and the livestock will stay with you the entire time. Your campsite can be changed as often as desired. Use of stock for day rides is permitted.

food drop

Perhaps you're planning an extended stay in the back-country and would like fresh groceries brought into you. We will arrange a time and location so we can restock your camp in the woods!

Dunnage trip

If you prefer hiking into the Sierra Nevada back-country, but your pack gets heavier and heavier, year after year, we have a great service! We will pack our mules with all of your gear and meet you in a prearranged location.

You will be accompanied by at least one experienced packer on your trip and matched to your horse based on height, weight and ability for the duration of the trip.