Packer/Guide (per day, handles up to 5 head of stock)————$300

Pack Animal (150lb WEIGHT LIMIT)———————————————————$125

Saddle Animal———————————————————————————————$125

pack trips

All Expense Trip (per day, per person )——————————————-$300

Extended Trip (Price depends on size and length of trip.)—-TBD

Drop/Spot Trip (Price depends on size and length of trip.—-TBD

day rides

Whole Day Ride (per person)—————————————————————$110

Half Day Ride (per person)——————————————————————$75

2 Hour Ride (per person)———————————————————————-$55


Cabin (per night, double occupancy)——————————————-$85

Cabin - Additional Persons—————————————————————$20

Loft (per night, per person)————————————————————-$20